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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Census 2017

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Krypton Factor

As soon as we got there we had to go through all the games. We ate and then got to the games. The first game we did was Jigsaw, so what you had to do was get all the pieces to the other side then I had to go out and sort the puzzle, that was hard. Next we went to feed the worm were there was a pipe that you had to put a ball in the pipe and lift it up and walk with it to the end you  had to get the ball to the end of the pipe then go again.

After that we had a small break I found my mum reading her new shinny book she gave me my lunch and my ice cold drink, that was nice. Next we went to the obstetrical course - that was the best part of my day! After that we had a really cool basketball game so what you do is theirs two people holding a stick on ether sides then a basketball hoop in the middle then theirs a circle of people trying to get the ball in that's super hard after that we had another lunch break i had a cupcake Paula called it a volcano.

Soon after that we went to the cheese game were you have to through a ball through the holes next we went to a pole game were your team had to hold a pole up and shot a ball through bridges then we did a carpet game there was this squared shape of carpet with poles at the sides and ends and a hole in the middle were you had to get a ball through the hole that looked hard then we then we had a break.

My day was so awesome but then we had to do a pop quiz we slowly walked to it but surprisingly the pop quiz was not that hard, it was very simple. Then straight to the box game were you had to stand on box's and get them all to the other side then make a sirten shape that was ok I was existed for this one you had to make a tower we did pretty good. After that we had are last game that was shop sticks you had to use ginormous sticks and get a ball to the other side with the shop sticks once we finished that we were done the inter krypton factor. We had to go to prize giving we won the inter krypton factor, I was so existed Mr Cox said I could take it home, I was so happy I couldn't wait to show my brother and sister.

                                                                        by Taiva 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Auckland champs!

It was a Friday night and my nerves were up I was getting ready for the 15 hundred meters which is three times around an Athletics track. I was competing in the Auckland champs which is a three day event and is the best people in Auckland and the upper North Island. We lined up at the start "BANG" the gun went we all rushed off into lane one came time to the finish I sprinted to line and I came 5! Well that was day one of the Auckland champs. Day two Saturday I had to wake up at 6 am in the morning to get to shot pot which started at 8:30 so I did wait for 20 mins came back to the stand and sat down for 5 hours until my 4 hundred meters we had to do it in heats of 8. I came first out of my heat and made it into the final and I came 5th in that too. Day three 8 hundred meters it was Sunday and the 8 hundred meters I past 1 person that the end came 3rd and got a medal.    


The Interviews of the amazing Tree Octopus

                                                       The north-west tree octopus

My mum (Jackie) and my sister (Cassie) did a interview on The north-west tree octopus.They both believed that the tree octopus is real. The Pacific Northwest tree octopus is a fictional creature created by Lyle Zapato in 1998. Since then, it has become famous and is used by teachers to educate children about fact checking and Internet literacy.

always check more sources on the internet don't always believe what you see.


year 6

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Name Plate making

On Thursday the 2nd of March the whole of rm 16 had Mr D for the day. So Mr D decided to do a fun little project with the class. The thing that we did was name plating. So first what we did was we placed the pebbles on the ground and made them look like our names. Then we got a perfect peace of wood for our name and placed it on the wood. Then we just glued them on and made little stands for them-


Check out the rest of our images here: http://tinyurl.com/hcts2eh

Monday, February 27, 2017


I took Mojo home last weekend some of the highlights of his travels were, dressing up as a pirate and thankfully he didn't mind having a fake sword, he tried on some  cool moth sunglasses, and had been kidnapped by my little sister several times before the weekend was over, he hadn't found anyone to play with on Saturday so I made him a dog fur teddy to have fun with. 


This is Eeny at the tennis court playing tennis.
it was very easy to win all I had to do was knock him over.

Eeny likes going hunting for my chicken in the garden.

Eeny likes having a snooze by my Cat. [even though it looks like he is about to eat him]

''making a rubber band gun is fun''

Eeny & Tay

Friday, February 24, 2017

Water Balloon shooting!!!

Last Tuesday room 16 & 18 did something very exciting which involved launching water balloons 10 feet into the air. It was so fun we launched at least 4 water balloons each we did it for at least for hour & half. We had to record how far we launched the balloons with a trundle wheel. which is a wheel that has a handle  on it and it measures in meters. It is so much you should give it a go. My group is : Marshall, Deacon, Ben, Monty, & me.
By Carlotta


Last Tuesday our senior classes room 16 &18 did something AWESOME!!! We were launching water balloons. We had so much fun my team that I did the sling shooting was Carlos, Ben, Deacon, Monty lots of people tried hard to launch as far as they could but 4 people got 54.8 meters and that was our team. I was stoked that we got that far some people tried so hard but they could never beat it. Marshall 

The water bomb challenge!


On Tuesday the 20 of February 2017 an awesome day came to Laingholm school. It was a very fun day, I especially liked the sling shot. We put the water balloons in the sling shot and we watched them explode when they hit the ground. Also it got really funny when a group accidentally sling shot Mrs  Hart on her foot. Mrs Hart also brought down a thing that showed if it did a meter so she made us do math with it which I think was pretty cool. My group was really fun to be in the people in my group were named Mischa, June, Katie,Nikita.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Maori Contemporary Dance for Waitangi Day

Some amazing teachers came to teach us some contemporary dance - Thanks Jazz and Gaby

Check out our dances .... story coming soon









There are THREE more that are slightly longer on our YouTube channel [too big for blogger]

Check them out here:






Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Check out these sports and work out how MATHS is used in some of them


Look at these photos and see:
Can you estimate the angles used?
Can you measure them for angles and turns?
How do the athletes or players use angles to succeed in their sport?
 Try out these Olympic GAMES - there are three to choose from

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yeti or storm

Yeti or a Storm???

It was Friday the 3rd the middle of August and it was very chilly outside. I began to shiver as I curled up in the sheets of my bed. Outside the lamp posts where sealed with frost and ice. Dumb kids such as my friend Dom who was licking the poles and eventually got his tongue stuck…. Lemon!
We live in the North pole 6,000 miles from Santa, surrounded by mountains of freezing snow. Our village is called Berk and my names Mikey!... by the way.               4th of August
“Oops, that’s the bell, I better go, I don’t want to be late for class again, I’ll see you at lunch Josh, see you!” Spoke Mikey as he gripped his books firmly and hid his IPhone in his pocket.
“OOOH OOH I’M COMING TOOOOOO!” Yelled Dom across the school hallway rushing towards Mikey dropping the candy from his bag.
“Um, your dropping your candy… where did you get it from anyway?” questioned Mikey peering behind Dom catching Vinnie sneaking the candy into his pocket then sprinting away with a mouth full of explaining to do.
“Oh I saw a HUGE bag of candy next to Mrs Freckles desk and I heard it calling to me…  “Dom Come take 100 pieces of candy from this bag and then eat me!! PLEASEEEEE!!” Dom had saliva dripping from his tongue with a disgusting ugly smile on his face…. Mikey backed away and then ran to class.
                               After class 12:30
“WOOOOOOW THAT WAS AWESOME, what class did you have? I had Art with Mrs. Tegg and I drew a maggot! But then she told me off and I had to go to the principle to explain what ugliness I had drawn. I think I did pretty good on the maggot.” Screeched Dom picking his nose and showing me the ‘beautiful’ maggot he drew. As the day passed, as usual Dom got dumber and dumber... but that doesn’t matter.
                                Tuesday 14th August
Today was Mikey’s birthday, he had a lot of planning to do and today something rather strange was going to happen. Mikey woke up at 3:00 feeling rather strange and woozy, he went back to sleep shortly. Wait... but it didn’t stop 4:00 he woke up then 5:00 then 6:00, finally he woke up at 9:35. 
“Good morning Mikey did you have a good sleep? You do remember what day it is today... don’t you?” questioned Mikey’s Mother baking a cake not so secretly. Mikey just groaned and slipped into his chair with a piece of paper and started planning his party.
“Hmm” Thought Mum… “Who are you going to invite??” Said Mother  
“Hmm…. Josh, Vinnie, Connie, Ray and Mikey” replied Mikey planning out on his perfect birthday cake. Mother noticed that Mikey had not written Dom down, so Mum thought if it was a good idea to mention.
“Hey, Mikey you didn’t write Dom down” smiled Mother… Mikey paused and dropped his pencil… then stared at mother with disgust. Then he replied with…
“You think I’m inviting that brat? No way!!”
“Hey!! Don’t speak like that, anyway you have to go and fetch some birthday supplies don’t you? Here is some money now off you go…. OH and don’t forget to put 5 layers of t-shirts and pants.” Said Mother preparing the icing for the not so secret cake.
“Ok Mother I’ll go I’ll see you in 20 minutes… Bye!” replied Mikey walking out the door. Mikey stomped through the cold breeze and fell over 5 or 6 times... the walk wasn’t long only about 10 minutes but it was a very cold road. Mikey marched up a steep hill and in the distance, stranded in the middle of nowhere he saw a tiny dot. He thought ‘Hey there it is the shop!’ He started running. Finally, he stepped into the shop and yelled out
“Hey, I’ve come here to buy some stuff... are you still open??” yelled Mikey wiping the snow off his clothes. No-one replied so he tried again…. Still no reply, no one was there so he checked    behind the counter…. No one. Suddenly he spotted a door so he went in and there in front of him…. The shop keeper…. But he was not alive he was hardly breathing... he spoke very softly...
“Little boy…. there is something out there…. something the world has never seen…. Beware because your village is next in line.” Mikey was shocked, and what happened to the shop keeper? Maybe shock! could this be true?  Suddenly he heard a big WHOOSH and a crowd of women and men screaming out in pain and suffering, Mikey looked back at his village… it was true his village was next and also burning. Mikey had no time to grab any birthday items and not much time to save his family. He sprinted down the hills and tumbled in the snow, but by the time he had reached the entrance of the village… his village had been burnt……. He gasped in horror and fell to the ground hitting his head on a piece of metal…
                                     Monday 23rd September
“Ow my head, I feel so sick what happened to me? Did I fall? Where am I? “Questioned Mikey rubbing his head and seeing red, yellow and blue, his vision wasn’t very good. He sat up leaning against what looked like the wall of the shop…. The shop? He thought curiously but didn’t I fall in the village?’ His memories where poor and he was very weak, hardly moving. He worried for a minute of two... but then smiled he thought…’ what if someone was alive? What if someone had saved him from death? What if it was my mother?’. Mikey’s mind flooded with questions. After a while he managed to gain his energy and stand up. He slowly drifted to the window of the shop, he saw the smoke coming from his home. Tears fell from his face like a waterfall. He turned away from the window and sobbed in a corner. Suddenly in the corner of his eye, he spotted a bright neon blue fire like flame coming from all of the left over houses, he rushed towards the window and caught a rather strange creature. It almost looked like a mutated Ram. Mikey stepped outside of the shop and ran down the hill... he stopped realising the mistake he had made. The creature caught Mikey moving and starting walking towards the tiny human. Stomp went the ginormous feet. Mikey panicked and tried to hide himself in the snow. The creature began to open his mouth and speak in a very deep voice…
 “I am not going to hurt you, I am simply remaking you ‘home’, you see I’m improving it.” Spoke the wise monster. The monster had cooled the village down with water from the mountains and then crammed all of the houses into a pile.
“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! ALL YOU HAVE DONE IS BROUGHT DEATH TO MY HOME!!” Shouted Mikey crying his eyeballs out.
“Tell me, how stupid are you little beasts, do you not know the job of a Wilder beast?” Replied the creature
“No! I don’t and to me I think I’m pretty smart for my kind thank you very much!” Stomped Mikey
“Well aren’t you a brave fella. Come, let me show you what I am doing to your fabulous ‘home’ “Laughed the creature amazed by the braveness of a human.
The creature picked Mikey up gently and plonked him on his shoulder. Days went by as the creature and Mikey built Berk. Mikey had almost forgotten his one big question and became angry at the monster. He yelled...
“Hey! What about my family and friends! What happened to them ay? you monster!”
“Ah I almost forgot to mention and I’m a Wilder beast, not a monster! I have safely moved them to another village underground.” Replied The Wilder beast
Mikey smiled “Ah ok, that’s good to know that their ok.”
                                       12th November
The days zoomed past as they built the new improved Berk. Mikey grew to admire the Wilder beast and was asking questions all day every day, after a while they became good friends and started acting like brothers. Making funny jokes about each other and teasing their ideas for Berk, not in a rude way but in a fun playful way. Finally, after months and days of work, it was complete the new Berk was done. Mikey was relieved to see such beauty and such success.
  “There’s just one more thing to do...” Sobbed the Wilder beast
“What?” Replied Mikey excitedly
“……. We …… we……. we have to …….: sigh: we have to destroy the buildings.” Sighed the Wilder Beast
The Wilder beast spun his arm around Berk as a yellow storm of yellow fairy dust hovered above Berk. Mikey ran onto a roof and stuck his chin up with braveness in his eyes.
“I shall not let you destroy our creations!” Yelled Mikey
“It’s for a reason! I’m not actually going to destroy the buildings, just please trust me… please… I promise!” The Wilder Beast looked promising so Mikey trusted him and ran to his side. The Wilder Beast clicked his fingers and changed the whole of Berk into a shaggy old piece of dirt. Seconds later the Wilder Beast clicked his fingers and changed all of the horrible mess into a new work wonderland filled with all of his friends, and family. Mikey gasped with excitement and glory, he spotted his Mother.
“Mikey!!” Screamed his Mother relieved
“MOTHER!!!” Mikey ran to his Mother and hugged her tightly. He turned around to thank the Wilder Beast... but he wasn’t there, the Wilder beast had seemed to disappeared only leaving a jar of hair suddenly Mikey felt sick and fell to the ground.
“Huh? Where am I?”
“Mikey, wake up! Its 12:00 time to get ready for school!” Whispered a familiar voice. It was his Mother.
“Huh?” Mikey got up and looked around…. It was just a dream…. Mikey was shocked… it seemed so real? Oh well! I mean at least it was a nice dream… Or was it a dream??

                       Written by: Svetlana


The Broken Town

After Bobby found his house, he went inside. It was pitch black inside and he could barely see. Suddenly he spotted two figures hiding behind the piano. The two figures looked at him and said in a familiar voice “Is that you Bobby?’’
‘Mum, Dad what happened here?’.
“Well” said his Dad “we were just minding our own business when suddenly the sun vanished, the clouds went grey and a thunder storm started.Everyone ran undercover as a cloaked man carrying a shining metal staff walked out of nowhere and looked at the town. The man stopped walking and just thought for a while. Suddenly the man [whose name is Fred] slammed his staff on ground and he disappeared in a thick cloud of smoke. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief until something terrible happened. Just as everyone thought it was all over, a massive wicked tornado, a ferocious tsunami and a terrible earthquake shook up and nearly everyone died”.
Bobby was so mad he picked up his sledgehammer and set off on his journey to capture [aka kill] Fred. Bobby ran to his house and entered and walked to his bedroom and heaved his bed forward about 30 inches and peeped under. Underneath his bed there was a secret room with all his precious items in it. Bobby went to the back of the room and grabbed a big box that had on the front MY FAVOURITE PEN. Bobby opened the box and inside was a shotgun, bullets, a flamethrower and a sword made out of the finest metal. Bobby grabbed the box and went outside. After a while Bobby found his horse, Stuart. Bobby saddled up his horse and the two of them set off to make things even. Bobby and Stuart travelled for miles and miles until they finally found a mysterious castle made of what looked like lava and dark red bricks.
Bobby leashed up Stuart, took a deep breath and entered the scary building. Inside the castle it was dark with only a few torches hung up on the wall. The walls were covered with pictures of fake tanks and toy soldier which made Bobby very confused. At the end of the hall were two doors labelled ENTER IF YOU DARE. Bobby took another deep breath and entered. Inside the room were a bunch of kid’s toys and dolls painted like army soldiers. At the back of the room there was another door that said OFFICE NO KIDS ALLOWED. Bobby stormed up to the door and swung it open. Inside sat FRED!!!! Fred looked at Bobby and said “I’m very sorry but no kids are allowed in here”.
Bobby was so mad he shouted “I DON’T CARE WHAT THE RULES ARE I’M MAD BECAUSE YOU KILLED NEARLY EVERYONE IN MY TOWN”. Fred chuckled “what are you talking about this is wizard gather not an assassin club” now Bobby was confused.
“But…but you started a tsunami, a tornado and an earthquake”
Fred laughed again “I am very sorry your town had an incident but it was not my fault I just came to your town to see if it would be a good place to set up a magic show”
“Oh” said Bobby “I thought you came to our town to destroy it”
“Of course not” chuckled Fred “I would never do such a thing”
“Okay good” said Bobby. After that Bobby travelled home and told everyone the good news and everybody lived happily ever after.    

by Harry

Friday, March 25, 2016

Photography Study

We have been learning about the rule of thirds, the elements of photography [colour, people, line & light]. We have experimented with some trick photography, some story telling using images and use of creative angles to create a different view of the things around us.

Check out our Flickr stream and albums here https://www.flickr.com/gp/141105434@N06/Qneve8

Friday, March 11, 2016

Marshall's Record achieving Fish!

This is a wahoo.  I cought this wahoo on a 25 kg line on boat C crazy at the westcost out the manakau bar. It was 26.4 kg how hevy I am .Marshall jackson

Monday, February 29, 2016



I did a presentation with my dad hope you like it from Anna about noodles.