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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Games

Check out this advent calender click on the picture:


Measure time

On Thursday, Miss Cheeseman said to get into partners, then we had to guess things that were on the playground that were 1m long. We had 10 minutes to predict 10 things. After we did that, we went outside to measure the things that we had thought was 1m long. We had about 30 minutes to measure everything we had thought was 1m long. After we had our 30 minutes, Miss Cheeseman asked us to come and sit down with her. She told us that we had 15 minutes to predict on the playground what we thought was half of 1m. So we went along with our partners, and we measured what we had thought was half of 1 m. But only a few things were actually half a meter. We learnt how to use the tape measures properly, you have to remember not to use the very end which is the measure bit just use the tape with the marks on Ryan and zippy...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

M & M's experiment

On Tuesday in the afternoon we did a science experiment  it was on m & ms  now we haft to do the instructions first we got 4 different coloured m & ms now we haft to get a petri dish then we put the m & ms in the petri dish then we got a bit of water now Mrs Cheeseman will pour the water for us. Then we had to wait for 10 minutes until the colours got sucked off the m & ms we figured out that on the top that it was clear on the bottom it had  lots of colour  like a rainbow.
caution DO NOT KNOCK THE TABLE because the colours will go brown and white sugar will float on the top of the water. And if the sugar comes off you will be able to see the yummy chocolate but Toby’s group didn’t knock there petri dish so they got a super coloured water the blue joined with the yellow and made a green then the blue and red made purple also the yellow and red made orange but then the brown didn’t make any colours with the other colours.
This is the instructions;
1 get a petri dish;
2 get 4 different colours of m & ms;
3 poor a small amount of water in the petri dish;
4 do not knock the table;
5 see what happens;
prediction what we think will happen; the colour will go away; 2 the colour in the water will change rainbow; 3 the m & m’s  will float like paper; 4 the m & m’s will go white ;

observation what we saw happening; 1 the colour is combining  with the other colours; 2 the water on the top is clear on the bottom it is not clear because the m & m’s colour is on the bottom;
conclusion why
we think this happened; 1 if  you knock it you will make the water move and make it all brown; 2 the colours where on a shield of suger but the water dissolve the colour 1 shield down now the m & ms are white but water now is dissolve the suger now theres a chocolate shield now but the water strikes back but the chocolate is already wet so the water makes it break.

By Toby & Oscar

Monday, October 22, 2012

Player Escorts

Three Laingholm boys were player escorts to the Solomon Islands team in the FIFA World Cup qualifier at North Harbour Stadium on Tuesday 11 September.  
The All Whites of course won 6-1.

Ryan  and Elliot

Friday, September 21, 2012

Stu Duval makes Laingholm starstruck!!!!!!

Stu Duval came to Laingholm for two days. He told us a story and it blew our minds. Stu Duval told us that he learnt to draw with any number or letter. Stu did a drawing of a secret person and it was Mr Ahern.
Some people went to learn how to make really good story's and these were his tips!!!
 great writers are like a MAGPIE. magpie stands for make anything into great prose imagination and effort.
get an ideas scrapbook.
use randomness.
a.r.m stands for A. action R. reaction M. more action.
Start with conversation.
Use the big 5 what, where, who, when and why.
Write like a roller-coaster ride. Use DYNAMITE words. And those are the 8 tips to write a really good book!
 Heres some coments from room 16:
 “It was really amazing”.
 “I really liked it”.
“It blew my mind”.
 “It was outstanding I liked his story's”.
 “It was more than interesting”.
 “He was awesome and I think he's my favourite illustrator”.
 “ He was cool because he had a cool haircut “.
 This is a little bit about the story that Stu Duval told us. Red needed to find the boat to New Zealand. So when he was busy tiling the roof of the governors house. He gasped because he saw the most horrible thing, Scree the headmaster of the jail. He had scrunch up hands and an evil face.

This is his website: www.studuval.com

 by Lauren and Indy

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Wombles come to town

Madame Cholet, Wellington, Orinoco, Tomsk, Great Uncle Weatherill and Bungo

An amazing assembly on The Wombles.
The boys acted a fantastic play written by Elliot H and William. You guys sounded awesome and looked fabulous.
It's a shame we didn't capture the great Wombling Quizathon too - never mind...


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers


We read the book the Man who walked between the towers - about Phillippe Petit. We were not sure to start with if it was real or not.

Check out the video we saw after we read the book and talked about it.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Amazing animation from the West Coast


Using stop animator on iPad - the fabulous, amazing Blue Tac guy! Created in one afternoon session at the Kids ICT Conference in  Cheesy's group.. by Jayzee

Friday, August 31, 2012


Hi, Cameron here from the UK. I'm having a great time visiting family.

Last week we went to Centre Parcs in Longleat, Wiltshire. Here is a couple of photo of me on a tree climbing adventure:

This is me going down the rapids at the Centre Parc Tropical Paradise and also climbing out of the 10 degree plunge pool:

Here are Rosie and I above a dam up on Dartmoor in Devon:

Looking forward to seeing all you guys in a couple of weeks.


Friday, August 24, 2012

A visiting Artist comes....

Delicia is one of our students mothers. She is a stunning artist who creates amazing things out of paint and sometimes traffic signs. You can see her work here

She talked to us about her art and how she comes up with ideas and we all had a go at creating something out of natural things

Have a look

Monday, August 20, 2012

Games to test your Geometry Knowledge

Check out this blog for games to practice your knowledge and develop your skills using Geometry

Don't forget to leave comments about your MOST favourite games and why!

TRY this magic reflection creator

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic cookies by Toby

The symbol of the Olympic Games is five joining rings, coloured blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white background. They represent 5 parts of the world, Asia, Africia, America, Europe & Oceania and the meeting of athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games.

 Olympic cookie recipe 

240g butter
 1 cup of white sugar
½ cup of brown sugar
2 eggs
4 cups of flour
1 teaspoon of baking soda
icing sugar
food colouring

 1. Turn on oven to 180
2. Melt butter in microwave for 1 ½ min
3. Mix butter, sugar and eggs until smooth
4. Sift in flour

5. Mix together
6. Roll into balls on tray and pat down
7. Cook for 8mins then let cool
8. Make coloured icing in 5 bowls

9. Spread icing on cookies
10. Try one Yum!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Elliot Walker-Rendell here..... Wow! Sticky TV just phoned me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won a Sticky TV competition:) It was the Tui School Garden Challenge and I had to write why Laingholm School should win. I won a $100 Mitre 10 voucher for our school to use on anything to do with gardening and they are sending it to school this week.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Art in a Box

Lopdell House came to school with Art in a Box

Check us out being artists!

Art in a Box Part 1 on PhotoPeach

Art in a Box part 2 on PhotoPeach

Art in a Box part 3 on PhotoPeach

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympic Mascots

Toby went to England for a holiday and bought back an Olympic mascot - he is called Wenlock - we discovered some information about the mascots and how they were designed.
Click here to see the movies that Wenlock and Mandeville star in
Click here to see and play the Olympic games with the mascots

Wenlock is an Olympic games cyclops mascot. He can shoot rainbows out of his hands and he can run on a rainbow wherever he goes. He wears the Olympic rings as friendship bracelets. His eye has a built in camera also a light on his forward head like the black London taxi lights. His head reminds about the three medals.

Olympic dress-ups.....

We had a fancy dress day at school to celebrate the opening of the London Olympics 2012

Some of us dressed up as the Olympic rings

the Olympic rings!

Manaia bought in a coin from the 1972 Munich Olympics

Prezley made an amazing Olympic torch out of an umbrella!

A home learning challenge - MAKE Olympic Cookies!

Ryans cookies - the Olympic rings

Ryan with his cookies

Paige with her Olympic iced biscuits

Lewis with his Olympic coloured cookies
Our home learning challenges - making Olympic cookies......we loved tasting them too!

Wonderopolis - Do cats and birds get along???


We watched a Wonderopolis video wondering about Do cats and dogs get along? Our teacher found this video to wonder if cats and birds get along.....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jet boats.

Have you ever been on a jet boat?...On Friday the 13th my family and I went on a jet boat in Rotorua. The drivers name was Crash,not really, it was his nick name and it was Crash because he crashes most things.On the jet boat, Crash told us about the island in the middle of the lake and how deep the water was around it.Hundreds of years ago there were 3 thousand people that lived on the island,then the Maori war came and killed half the islands population the rest had escaped. After that they replanted the island and cleared all the pests and now it is a bird sanctuary.It is home to many native birds of New Zealand.The island is looked after by DOC. DOC means dept of conservaition.Some parts of the lake are natural springs and you can't find the bottom. And some parts are only up to your knee and it could be in the middle of the lake.On the ride when we were going to spin,Crash would put his hand up and wave it round and round.we were meant to hold on but I put my hands up and I would be sliding around but still it was fun.So if you go to Rotorua ask your parents if your family can go on the jet boats it is great fun trust me!!

Olympics Game

Try out these three Olympic games