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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My chocolate shop

My own challenge was to design a shop to sell my brothers fundraising chocolate from school.

I painted the signs and set up the shop.

We sold a whole box on the first day.
By Toby

My robot design

My robot is called C.A.R. short for Cleaner Assistant Roller. I need this robot to help when I clean the car. Our driveway is very steep and hard to go up so I built my C.A.R. robot to roll up and down.

The body is a bucket to carry water and a brush. I made arms out of lego to bring me a cloth and sponge.

It moves by remote control that I modified from a LEGO car. It really WORKS!!!

By Toby

My Family Crest

I designed my crest in the shape of my house. Left side is for me, it is LEGO bricks because I like LEGO. The middle is a film strip because my Mum loves movies and the right side are cables because Josh loves computers.
 I drew my crest on white material and used the sewing machine to make a flag. 

By Toby

Monday, March 26, 2012

Raft racing at Armour Bay

Last Friday 23 of March the year 4s 5s and 6s had raft race at Armour Bay. When I got to school I hang my bag up on one of the hooks and went in to the class room then Miss Cheeseman told me and some more people to load the paddles and the spear ones after we had loaded all the paddles into the truck then Mr Weatherill told us to load all the big black bags into the truck. When the bell rang everyone came running into the class shouting everyone was excited. First Miss Cheeseman called the roll then told us all the rules they were so boring I wanted to fall asleep then Miss Cheeseman told us who was looking after us for the day after that we were told what bus we were going on I went on bus 3 but most of my friends went on bus 2 I sat by one of my friends Indy soon we arrived at Armour Bay.
First we went to one of the gazebos, the only gazebo left was the biggest so we shared with room 12. Soon we got to eat morning tea and then it was the first race. Room 17 won the first race I think it was the speed race. After the speed race there was the stability race and our class won that one. Then there was the All Change race and I was in this one. We had to swap another group we would go back and then we won it. I was very happy we won it but tired too.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Greatest little cross-country in the Universe

The day of the best Cross country run in history had arrived. I was so scared, I stopped blinking! Mr.Cox called up the students in order of age of 10 to 5. It was a blazing hot day, so hot, I felt like I was in an oven! The track was 2 laps around the field and 3 laps around the school. Finally, it was my turn. I was so scared! The siren blew, I was off! Jogging along the field. The wind whipping through my hair, the ground scratching at my feet. I could see heaps of people sprint ahead of me, but I was going to take it slow and when I was close enough to the finish line, I would sprint for my life! Finally I was on my last lap, I could hear people shouting my name. I was going to come 5th place! Then I saw someone just ahead of me, she was going slow enough to get ahead of. Straight after that thought,I saw the finish line and right away I knew I couldn't let this person get ahead of me,with a sudden burst of energy I was coming 4th place! When we had finished the run, I had been running so fast that I felt as stiff as a rock! A few races after that I found myself automatically encouraging my brother which I don't usually do. I was a bit surprised that my little brother Raphael didn't come a place because he's usually as fast as a mini race car. At lunchtime, I felt so annoyed that you had to put heaps of sunblock on which is so squelchy and disgusting. I was feeling so boiling hot after that long day of cross country, but I can't wait for next year!

Manaia and Zippy

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Toby looking at the clouds - Home Learning

For my home learning I watched clouds from my deck.

I recorded my ideas on my Mum's iphone. I sent Miss Cheeseman my audio file.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The great moving day!

Last week me and my family moved house. Me and my brother where so excited because it was our first  time moving. First the moving people came  they got out and put some music on me and my brother started dancing  to the music. Next  me and my dad went to get a mince pie when we got back they where still packing up. Then  my family met up at the new house I really wanted to sit down but the door was locked and the ground was a mess. I was so tired after. Then we finally got in. We unpacked and I felt happy that we moved.
Annelise [helped by Indy]

Room 16's garden

Our garden is down by room 14/15  in the field. It already had a big tree in it.
First we dug out the weeds and dead routs. And then other people dug four holes for four swan plants.they already have some eggs on them!!!! we try and remember to water them everyday.
Then one week later [today] the class got split in half about 10 of us got to do gardening. while the rest of us had to sketch plants and trees .in the mean wile the planters took terns in digging and planting.
we planted lettuce, spinach, silver bett, pansys, cutty grass stuff, flax and some red things

by Isla and Lewis