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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Superhero Day!


On the 31st of May it was superhero dress up day for our topic super hero's  and comics. Most people dressed up as spider man, superman and batman.  Amiria won the top made up superhero outfitfor our class her name was Kitty Kid. Tiaan won the bought costume for our class he was spiderman. Jakob won the best original superhero [made up] his super hero name was DooMAN some other kid called Johny Rose came second place. We all had a parade and photos in the hall.
This is our class of Superheroes....including our teacher.

James and Elliot

Luke's Cooking school


Luke made an amazing video as part of his Home Learning challenge - he seems to really enjoy cooking and has added some extra fun aspects to this video.

Friday, May 11, 2012

BP Class Challenge

On Wednesday, the kids in room 16 where spilt into groups for 2 and got given a box filed with interesting Stuff.  We had to build a tower the biggest tower and we all had a LEGO man that we had to put on the top of the tower. Everyone had 30 minutes. After we finish Miss Cheeseman measure them and Billy and Toby won. Second place was Xanthe and Mariah. The people that lost were  … Ryan and Isabella. 
It was fun and hard because there was small and big stuff and also because we didn't have anything like glue to glue it together.  We had to keep on trying because the problems were the tower was very wobbly because most of the stuff was skinny.
William and Mariah

Saturday, May 5, 2012