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Monday, December 2, 2013

Lego models that we made

On Thursday we made Lego models with Mr  House J.J.'s model was A motorbike it was awesome because it looks like A real.  Prezley's model was A crane and batween you and me I think  Prezley's model  is best. 
It was hard to make Prezley's model because it got harder and harder joning lego to lego in the middie. J.J.'s model was easy because it was kinder small and to prove that Lego bits are still forling of Prezley's model but J.J.'s model is still awesome.
Here are same photos.

Mr gum and the cherry tree

 few weeks ago I read a book called Mr Gum and the Cherry tree it was very funny
It had lots of characters and lots of humor my favourite character was the grannie  
who loves alcohol she is very funny same with Polly the little girl. My favourite chapter 
Was chapter 7 and the name of the chapter was called chapter 7.
Chapter 7 was my favourite chapter because there is no chapter 7 and it makes
Me laugh and the head master is a ginger bread man!!!!
I think this book is suitable for 7+.
By Joeb


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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Banging hangers

Today we made dingers 1.get string and. A coat hanger and tie it on the coat hanger 2.wind it up on your fingers.  So we can hear it   3.get a pen or some thing that can ring it 4. Listen.
It sounds like the London tower and we tried  to do it with spoons it worked better with the spoon we can hear it better because its more mettle
by Kent

Check out more pics from our school website 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guy Fawkes Story

by Lilly, Maddie and Bhakti

Pictures drawn by Bhakti

Paper banger

11/14/2013 Thursday
We were sitting on the mat thinking what Miss Cheeseman was going to tell us and then she gave us?
A piece of paper and said " it mite get harder" I thought we were making a paper air plane.but it was a paper banger or you can call it the mother a noyer. 
This is the instructions for the paper banger!!! 

Fold the piece of paper from the side then unfold it and fold the corners down to the middle on both sides fold the to corners to each ofer the fold it again then you will see two wholes you pull them out and fold them down then fold it so it lookes like a square fold it to a triangle and then hold the skinnyist corner hold it on top of your head with top corner facing down put the paper banger on top of you head and slam it down. It should look like this.

Andre, Ben and Jed

this is our first attempt at filming using the iPad and using the iMovie function on it


Monday, November 11, 2013

Our gala

On Friday our school had a gala. it was magnificent because there was air hockey by room 17, christmas decorations by room 7 and everybody wanted to go to the man eating fish by room 9 they have bean a bit mean because they put on if you go in on the way out you get a lolly. but outside there was dunk the the teacher by us (room 10) and a bouncy castle. The time was 3.30-6.00. It was really really fun every thing was just challenging and exciting and you did't know what to choose all the toys and prizes if you win. Or you could play really really awesome game like guardian toss from room 14 for a e.g.
By Ryan 

The awesome gala!!! At Laingholm school

At Laingholm school we had a gala there were heep's of things to do like  dunk the teacher, bounce  castle, spin the wheel and cake's it was lots of fun but it was raining at least  it was sill fun. We made lots of money about $260 dollars and we played on the bounce castle.
At the gala there was A man eating fish but when I walked in it was A man eating chocolate fish
And it was a ripoff but we got lolies and we got A hot dog and my little brother won 2 tedd's and A jar of lolies.
Room 9 did the man eating fish!!!
Our favorite part was playing on the bounce castle and it was so slippery we nearly broke my neck.


Mr Frosty comes to Room 10


Sunday, October 13, 2013



here are some pics from the enterprise production

this is my brother Arnaud
(say:Arno) he is dancing to singing in the rain

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 these are the old laddies from room 10
This is Prince Philip on his golden chair-Luke d
This is the little people doing singing in the rain

 Room 3 and 4 the cute people

 Elvis Prezley dancing with Rosa Parks
 This is Charlie Brown-Oscar and Linus-Toby with the blanket

This is scary Spice from the spice girls- Baily
The Arch bishop is carrying the Queens crown-carrying it is Sim

Enterprise production RM 17

Room 17's production
3 AMAZING shots of
the spice girls.
Sporty Spice

Another pic of Sporty spice

Baby Spice

By Luke and Joe

Enterprise Production RM 9

Room 9's production
Room 9's Vietnam part of the production
2 pictures but great pictures.
Moon part of Room 9's production

By Luke and Joe

Enterprise Production RM 10

Room 10's Production
Great pics apart from the faces.

Beginning of the room 10 production

Paddy talking to Elvis

By Luke and Joe

Friday, July 5, 2013

American Independence Day

July the 4th is American Independence day. It is when America declared independence from Great Britain. There was a famous battle called the battle of bunker hill, the british wanted to get into boston town to control, but the milita had got control of some cannons 
by Luc

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013


Today we learnt how Bee-bots work. There are button's to work the Bee-bots there's an up button, down button, left button, and right button, and there is a go button. There is a clair button, a porze's button. By Prezley and Jozef.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines day

Long ago there lived a man called Claudius he lived in Rome was a king. He wanted more men to join the army so he could travel to different country's and take over those countries but the men didn't want to leave there family's . So he made a rule that you where not allowed to get married but there was a man called Valentines and he secretly get married but then the king found out so they sent him to jail and one of the guards had a daughter she went to hello to Valentin and he said hello back and the day before he died he sent his last note Valentines sends it to the guards daughter and after he died and that's why we calibrate valentine┼Ť day
by Maddie and Adara.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Surf life saving carnival

I've won this medal at Orewa for the diamond the diamond is a board race and a swim