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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 these are the old laddies from room 10
This is Prince Philip on his golden chair-Luke d
This is the little people doing singing in the rain

 Room 3 and 4 the cute people

 Elvis Prezley dancing with Rosa Parks
 This is Charlie Brown-Oscar and Linus-Toby with the blanket

This is scary Spice from the spice girls- Baily
The Arch bishop is carrying the Queens crown-carrying it is Sim

Enterprise production RM 17

Room 17's production
3 AMAZING shots of
the spice girls.
Sporty Spice

Another pic of Sporty spice

Baby Spice

By Luke and Joe

Enterprise Production RM 9

Room 9's production
Room 9's Vietnam part of the production
2 pictures but great pictures.
Moon part of Room 9's production

By Luke and Joe

Enterprise Production RM 10

Room 10's Production
Great pics apart from the faces.

Beginning of the room 10 production

Paddy talking to Elvis

By Luke and Joe