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Monday, December 2, 2013

Lego models that we made

On Thursday we made Lego models with Mr  House J.J.'s model was A motorbike it was awesome because it looks like A real.  Prezley's model was A crane and batween you and me I think  Prezley's model  is best. 
It was hard to make Prezley's model because it got harder and harder joning lego to lego in the middie. J.J.'s model was easy because it was kinder small and to prove that Lego bits are still forling of Prezley's model but J.J.'s model is still awesome.
Here are same photos.

Mr gum and the cherry tree

 few weeks ago I read a book called Mr Gum and the Cherry tree it was very funny
It had lots of characters and lots of humor my favourite character was the grannie  
who loves alcohol she is very funny same with Polly the little girl. My favourite chapter 
Was chapter 7 and the name of the chapter was called chapter 7.
Chapter 7 was my favourite chapter because there is no chapter 7 and it makes
Me laugh and the head master is a ginger bread man!!!!
I think this book is suitable for 7+.
By Joeb


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