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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Te Uru art trip

On the 23 March. rm 16 went on the bus for a school to Te Uru gallery for are Inquiry we saw some of Judy Millers art and we made clay houses. We firstly made it into a ball then we made it in to a shape then we got to get three items out of a small box on each of our tables after that we had to pant it wet!

The choices were bronze, lime green and dark blue then we took them back to school and went home but we left them at school over night for them to dry and because our teacher wanted to take a picture and see them all as a town or village.

by Lucy

Te Uru art trip

Te Uru art gallery

On Tuesday March 23 rm 16 and me went to Te Uru in Titirangi. We were put into 6 groups 3 groups
went upstairs to look at some art the other 3 groups look at some art to.
We went back to the room we went in first and Kirsty the lady who showed us some the art of
Judy miller after we made little houses out of air drying clay.

First we made the shape out of the clay then we put on some stuff and after we made patterns on
them after we painted them when it was time to go back to school. We all did a quiet yahoo to
thank Kirsty  and on the way out I gave Kirsty a great big hug then we went back to school.


science in a van

cool thing come on!
On Wednesday I went on the science In a van lots of people were

exited there was new things on. Like how to make cloud.    

Every one was laughing when the people were dancing 

in front of the stage. Then they stop and walk bake then we watch 

the ordinance. but that was the funny thing. and there another 

thing Mister D sat on the pointy chair he side it was relaxing 

but it will kind of sting with one of those sharpies.



WOW that was awesome! Today I went to SCIENCE IN A VAN with my class!! Today is Wednesday 18.3.15 I was sitting in the school hall watching something sooo unbelievable it will blow your mind away... not for real!! But it is something you will want to be at more than your favourite place !!! 

I learned sooo much stuff !!! I bet that when SCIENCE IN A VAN comes to your school you`ll wish it was always SCIENCE IN A VAN!!! That`s how I feel right now!!

But the person showing us everything [Alan] got a teacher [Mr. D] to sit on over 300 I think it was nails!! They blew up a balloon and got a nail...but just 1 nail and popped it...but when he sat on it he was fine!!! It`s because all of your weight pushing onto lots & lots of nails!! Like say you stepped on 1 stone it would be sour but if you stepped on lots of stones it wouldn`t be as sour as 1 stone!!!

We also got to see Alan make a CLOUD IN A BOTTLE!!! I know it sounds CRAZY but nothing is impossible... apart from wolverine and silly stuff!!  ; - )   


By Kiki


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Science in a Van

On Wednesday 18th of March, I was sitting in the hall watching something sooo unbelievable that you  will want to watch it more than going to Rainbows End!! My pupil in my eyes got bigger and bigger and yours should two because i was so amazing!!!

Also I learned so many science things, science words, and the show will be your new favourite thing!!!! You can watch it all day and never stop... WOW!!!! Everyone would LOVE science after the show finishes because its unbelievable and fun!!!

I saw some weird things, such as a teacher sitting on 300 nails and it didn"t hurt him... because if you stood on a lot of stones it wouldn't hurt and if you stood on one stone it would hurt you!!! Ha ha ha ha!! They popped a balloon.

These are the 2 science words I learned is... carbon dioxide and Oxygen!!





On Wednesday the 18th of March in the Laingholm hall we had the amazing science in a van. Don't let the name fool you its not in a van the name of the people were called Alan & Emily in to the show Mr D sat on the chair of nails over 300 hundred  of them and did not feel a thing because his weight was spread evenly, it was funny looking at his face. Then the little kids went to there class then we learned the 3 matter. Are gas liquid and solid I had the best time oh did I say thay were funny


Check out our photos here http://tinyurl.com/n4t6vxp


Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Yesterday rm 16 made poppies with Phoebe and Miss Hethorn. We had a fabulous time. Some people who got stuck would get some help from Ryan and Mara [kids.] First we had to get some cardboard shaped as a poppy petal, then get some felt and trace over the cardboard shaped as a poppy petal on the felt, make sure you draw two. It was difficult to draw because the felt was hairy. Next you cut out the poppy petal that you drew. Then when your done you get a button and sew it on the middle. You have to put the needle and thread through the button and through again. It was hard because you have to try and find the hole through the felt.
Then you get a green stick and sew that on the back on the poppy.Then when your done you can put a sticker on that is white and says PEACE POPPY PROJECT.
The saw bit was people getting their finger pricked by the needle Ouch! Doing it was as saw as a bee sting. If your quick and fast you can make another poppy. When you finish your whole poppy you go to your teacher to take a picture off you and your poppy. Cheese!

From Keely and Anika

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

the hardiest day of my life

 It was Tuesday 2015 I was at the starting line I heard ready get set GO I ran as fast as I could.
 I was all ready ruining out of breath I said to myself I was considering to cheat and do two laps but it got better so I did not cheat the winner of 9 year olds was Jake (not surprising) he came 1st 3 times in a row.
All the other people seamed a lot slower from far away but they were just the same.
The teachers looked more tired then the older runners.
Mr Cox called out there will be a toddler race my little brother was not here so he couldn't race.



the day I lost my breath

It was Tuesday 2015 I was at the starting line then go I ran and ran until I lost my breath it was only my first lap! I was still  exhausted and at second to last place I sprinted ahead then lost my breath again I jogged the next lap. as I went to the gate  feeling OK when the last person overtook me I tried to catch up and just in time for the last lap. I gave it all I had as I entered the field so close till it was over then the last person went past me but I caught up and went past them coming close to the finish line I tried to go past the third to last person but lost my breath . I almost came one place ahead but I past the finish line I  was like ten inches close to one place ahead as I sat back down my friends helped me after it was the day  had no more breath I drank like 1 gallon of water at lunch!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

camouflage octopus.

Octopus are colour blind. and they camouflage in to the grass or seaweed. and grow as well as change colour very quickly. Their very amazing!they look like a unusual shell which people call a coral. Sometimes they can scare the predators away.

If you step on the octopus in will spray you  in the face with ink because it hurts them.WOW it's not like the only trick.... they can puff  up in size. and they can transform their colour or body shape.  It is very intimidating! 

They change their skin into light blue like the sky or like the sea. and they are very rare and their skin is sensitive. If I would pick something to transform I  would pick a bird so I can fly about or a person wait I already am ha ha funny


by Mikayla 

Can you spot the Octopus?

Jonathen Gorden an underwater diver reports on a rare sight camouflage octopus, he says he was trying to get a closer look at a shell that fascinated him. He was filming lovely coral in the Caribbean, when he noticed something moving, and there it was the one and only... A CAMOUFLAGE OCTOPUS!!!!!!!!!!!


 But camouflage is just the beginning this rare octopus can also puff up to look more strong and powerful!


It can also spray ink into it's predators face. 


 Did you know octopuses are colour blind


 The octopus is one of the three marine animals that are camouflage in the world. The two others are cuttle fish and squid. These octopuses are crafty little cephalopods!

  If I could camouflage into anything I want it would be the ground but it wouldn't hurt or smell bad!!!??What would you choose?   



 Here is a video you might like to see



 By Rosie



Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The amazing science of THAT DRESS!

Room 16 looked at THAT DRESS today! Most of us saw it was blue and black. 5 people in the class saw it was white and gold.
We tested some theories about if it was affected by the angle where we were. We wondered if it was affected by the eye colour of people.
We wondered if we would see different colours if we saw someone wearing it.

What do you think?