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Monday, May 11, 2015

Why are our Mum's SPECIAL?

My mum is special because.........

She is always there for me even when she is in another country - Cheesy

She helps me when I am hurt - Anika

She always  encourages me and helps me! - Kiki

She helps me when I'm sick - Keely

She takes me to places - Alfie

She supports me - JR

She is kind - Beau

She makes me feel happy and helps me feel not sad at all - Nitya

I like my mum because she's there for me whatever I do ❤️ - Jake

She makes me feel better when I'm sad and helps me when I'm sick - Ariella

She makes me determined no matter what - Rosie

She makes the best gluten free cakes - Harry

She makes me happy - Colm

She makes nice dinner - Raphael

She helps me with everything know matter what the problem is❤️ - Lucy

My mum is so special  and nice all the time and helps me with problems - Jacob❤️

She hugs me all the time - Joel

She fixes my mistakes and boo boos - Anna

She gets me an ice-cream when I am sad - Svetlana

She makes good as cheesecakes - Ava

She is very good at cooking -- Jayden

She always gives me treats - Shem

She always looks out for me - Sean

She is always grateful for everything she has - Xavier

She does my washing and my lunch and a number of other things - Frankie

She is always there for me when I fall over or get hurt - Keir

She  makes me happy - Damien

She is always there for me and makes me happy - Zari

She looks after me when I am sick - Pounamu

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Science of LIGHT

Check out what we got up to in science this week....

We looked at how light is reflected off surfaces using UV light
we looked at creating florescent light with tonic water and highlighter pen
we experimented with plasma balls
we looked at making rainbows with prisms and water
we wondered if we could see in the dark and discovered we couldn't - we looked in a shoe box and couldn't see the object inside until we let light in by lifting the corner of the box

The Kings castle

Today we watched a performance about a Kings castle. It was funny you would have liked it to the Kings name was king Jos and Queen  Rarwine also the which grunhag and the kings brother prince Jonathen and the which put a spell on the king jos so he would win the race. And win Queen Rarwine he won and the which would have won the first child.

See the rest of the photos here......... http://tinyurl.com/l9dma3x

Today we watched a performance   and it was silly as.
We loved the detail so  much.
if you were there I bet you would like it to.
There is a king and a queen called Jos and Raewin and a witch called Grunhag.
Grunhag put a curse on the kings best knight and turned him in to a huge goldfish .


Mr Weatherill's Birthday Bash!

It was a momentous birthday for our Principal
We all wore amazing designed ties to celebrate......

We also FILLED his car with balloons! Now that was funny!!!

Check out more photos here http://tinyurl.com/lq99cv2