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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mnemonics to remember the PLANETS

Super Man Verses Earth Making Jam Sandwiches Using No Peanuts [Xavier]

My Very Elderly Mum Just Sleeps Until Night Passes [Colm]

Magnificent Venus Eats Mums Jelly Sandwiches Unless Neptune Protests [Rosie]

Super Mum Verses Elliot Making Jelly Sandwiches Under Neptune's Palace [Alfie]

Super Monkeys Verses Elephants Making Jelly Suns Using No Parrots [Joel]

Super Mum Verses Elephant Men Just Singing Under Noisy Parrots [Keely]

Stinky Monkeys Verses Emu's Maybe Jelly Snakes Using Nuptious Peas [Jayden]

Serious Mum Verses Excellent Men Just Secretly Undoes Nerves [Miki]

Super Mermaid Verses Excited Mum Just Saw Uncle & Nana [Jake]

My Vacuum Eats My Jandals Sometimes Under New Pillows [Damian]

Saturns Mum Verses Earth Making Jelly Sandcastles Using No Pigs [Nitya]

Sir Marvel Verses Eagle Man Jumping So Under New Pools [Raph]

My Very Elderly Mum Just Stops Using Nappies [Beau]

Stinky Mackerels Vacuum Eggs Mum Just Said Undies Need Pants [Sean]

Smug Milly Vera Eats Mums Jam Sandwiches Under No Peace [Ariella]

Super Mario Verses Ender Man Jousting Sausages Under Naughty Parrots [James]

Mighty Vikings Eat Meat Just Sometimes Unless Not Prepared [Rosie]

Random Mnemonics for remembering Spelling


Boris Eats Carrots And Uses Snotty Earrings [Beau]

Big Elephants Can't Add Up Sums Easily [Xavier]

Ben's Extraordinary Caterpillars Act Unusual Sliding Ecstatically   [Rosie]

Bessy Eats Carrots And Uncle Sells Eggs [Anna]

Big Elephants Can't Accuse Usual Sayings Early [Jacob]

Billy Eats Chocolate And Uses Some Eggs [Ariella]


Six Ants In Danger [Xavier]


Liam Is Quite Useless ON Really Icy Confusing Eggs [Jayden]


Mnemonic - Rainbow

Royal Orange Yelled at Green Bears In Vases [Colm]

Richard Owns Yellow Goats Billy's Including Vultures [Jacob]

Rats Organised Yaks Gravy Bugs In Vans [Frankie]

Royal Old Yoghurts Grabbed Big Iguana's Vertically [Xavier]

Really Old Yucky Ginger Billy Is Vomiting [Ariella]

Radhe On Yaks Gives Big Icky Vines [Nitya]

Ronald Octopus Yells Go Ben If Vomiting [Svetlana]

Royal Oliver Yells Gravy Boy In Vines [Miki]

Red Octopuses Yell Give Bruises Individual Violence [Keely]

Rainbows On York Got Big Icky Violet [Anna]

Rolling Octagons Yell Go Before Igloos Vanish [Rosie]

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stuck On The Island - Miki

I Have 3 chapters - use the arrows at the right side to move to the next chapter....

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fascianting Pluto

Asking questions about Pluto from a news article - lets find out about Pluto

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ya Gotta Giggle!

Minions - Fart Teaser

I just can't stop laughing... :D. - Adnan

Posted by Filmy on Friday, 26 June 2015