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Monday, August 31, 2015

Wet day Antics!

We created some quick animations on a crummy wet day afternoon after being cooped up all day!


Damian and Xavier's

Beau and Jayden's

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock was climbing up trees looking for fruit in the leafy autumn jungle when he saw Paper running away from something.
''Hello'' he grunted
''Oh hi Rock''murmured Paper,
''What are you doing running away''
''I'm running away from Scissors he's chasing me!''screamed Paper.
''I'll help you!'' grunted rock jumping from the tree and landing heavily on the soft mossy ground,he ran in the opposite direction of Paper when he found Scissors
''Ha ha ha!'' he cackled as he whizzed past Rock,
''STOP, STOP NOW SCISSORS! he ranted charging after him like a raging rhino who had been rammed into by an angry bull,when he found scissors Paper was hanging upside down on a branch that had fallen across a ravine.
''Get her down or I'll squash you to a pulp!''grunted Rock advancing slowly towards scissors,
''Never!''cackled scissors
''GGGAAARRRGGGHHH roared Rock charging towards scissors and knocking him clean off his feet and over the cliff
''I'll get you out of those vines Paper''he said kindly
''Thanks''said Paper gently

by Shem

Paper Scissors Rock

Blunty (Rock) was angry about Riper (Scissors) trying to cut Papers forest.
"STOP cutting my forest!"shouted Paper. 
"Yeah get out of here!"yelled Blunty clenching his fists. 
"No I wont go until shes cut up."said Riper with a sharp voice.
"You jerk"screamed Paper with a glass shattering voice and at the same time Blunty was yelling "THAT WON'T HAPPEN!" and jumped up and crushed Riper into ashes.
By SeanJR

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

No Girls!

Yesterday we had an impromptu session in Room 16 with NO GIRLS! The boys did animations in about 40 minutes using Toonater:
here are a few:


by James and Ethan


by Joel and Colm


by Sean, Harry and Shem