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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Morris Dancing

We have been learning Morris Dancing from 4 fabulous teachers from http://aucklandmorris.org.nz/

Our teachers Ann, Ann and Eric and an awesome squeeze box player called Andy




Sunday, May 21, 2017

Riddle Me This!

Hi there I hope you are having fun here are some of are riddles please don't you google have fun

 1. When I was 4 my brother was half my age. Now I'm 18 how old is my brother?

2. I'm made for one but meant for two. I can be worn for many years but usually just a few. You won't need me unless you say I do. What am I?

3. When you immediately feel like sharing me but if you share me you won't have me anymore.

4. You can see me in the water but I never get wet what am I?

5. The more you take the more you leave behind what am I?

6. Feed me and I will live, but give me a drink and I will be die.

7. I'm long when in young but when in old I'm short what am I?

8. Stacys mum had 4 kids, the 1st kid was called April, the 2nd kid was called May and the 3rd was called June what was the 4th one called?

9. I'm colourful and I'm a flat surface what am I?

Friday, May 19, 2017

NZ fish

Here is some of the fish I catch over the bar with is the border between the open sea and the harbour.

The numbers representie the what each fish is.
1. This is a snapper they can grow up to 40 kg's.
2. This is a gurnard they are like vacuum cleaner they crawling along the sea foor.
3. This is a Kingfish they are like the king of the littler fish. They can put up a fight for a long time up to 30 mins.
4. this big fish is called a hapuku they can grow up to the size of the cub of a digger. They fight like dead weight.
5. this fish a swordfish they only live in the dark and come up to feed at night like bats. They can put up a fight for longer then 2 days.
6. this fish called a marlin they look like a swordfish but they do not live in the dark and they do not have a flat nose like the swordfish. there is a multiple types of marlins.    

Check out our Video!

Ms Bixby's Last Day Trailer: youtu.be/zlHUPTKg9MM?a

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cyber Safety Game

Play this game in pairs [you will need headphones and headphone splitters]


What have you learned about cyber safety? Complete a brainstorm of everything you have learned in your inquiry book.

Play this game in pairs afterwards.


Add to your brainstorm any new learning

Now you can play this game with a buddy or on your own


Add more notes to your brainstorm of ideas

Taken from http://walkthetalkardmore.wikispaces.com/Inquiry 

How does Google Work?

How does Google work?
Read and find out......


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Term 1 activites:

Laingholm rocks:

After a beach clean up trip where we found some painted rocks we decided to make our own.
We designed our own Laingholm rocks. We struggled to find an easy way to label the back of the rocks but eventually found a successful way.
The rocks will be hidden in Laingholm School, in Warner Park walk or at Laingholm beach. Happy hunting!
We also joined the Laingholm Rocks page https://tinyurl.com/mmmxf8m
Check US out making them! http://tinyurl.com/khzdz4l


Coding using paint and blocks to spell our names and create a display for the fence of the secret garden


My Life In A Box

We created some presentations of our lives as part of the Amazing Me inquiry.
We made some amazing designs called 'Life in a Box' inspired by a video we saw on YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/mos72uu

Check out our Lives in a Box:  http://tinyurl.com/khkz73q
Check out the images of our Lives in a Box and 1 life in a PowerPoint

The Revenge Of The Three Erics

The Revenge Of The Three Erics
By Isla

The Erics were like brothers, they did everything together.
Everybody hated them. They teased them and called them names.
But tonight was the night that the Erics got their REVENGE!!! Mwahahahaha! Mwahaha- cough , cough , splutter , splutter , cough. 

It was nearing midnight and there was no sign of the third Eric, Eric Bacon. The moonlight was shining down on the small school playground as the two brothers waited for the last brother to arrive. Their warm breath turning into fog. As the cold mist cleared a dark figure stepped out and slowly walked towards them and said....

" Hey guys sorry I'm late my mum was washing the dishes and my dad was watching the footy match on the couch tonight" said Eric Bacon.
"Okay but next time try to be quicker please!" said Eric Ovens
"Did you bring the super-glue?" asked Eric Fry
"Yep!" said Eric Bacon
"Okay lets go!" said Eric Ovens
They ran up to the school doors and Eric Fry took out a paper clip from the pocket of his grey anorak, he unfolded it and picked the heavy steel pad-lock off the front door and stepped in. 
Eric Bacon tripped over the door step and hit his shin. He started to cry. 
"Come on Fatso!" whined Butterfingers
"Shhhhhhh!" said Crabapple
"You're gonna get us caught!" whispered Butterfingers
Fatsos cry hushed to a whimper, as he stood up he finally stopped crying. 
"Come on! We need to keep moving!" said Crabapple

By the way, Fatso is Eric Bacon, Crabapple is Eric Ovens and Butterfingers is Eric Fry.  Lets carry on.....

They were half way up the towering stair case when they heard the familiar whistling of the school janitor. DUN DUN DUN!
"Shhhhh" whispered Fatso
Their bodies froze with fear as their little stubby fingers trembled and shivered. There was no where to hide and it would be the end if they got caught sneaking around school at this hour up to no good. The only thing they could do was run all the way down the stairs and hide in the lockers on the first floor. Now that I think of it I kind of feel bad for the janitor since there is no elevator and he has to heave that old trolley up and down the stairs rattling along.

They run down the stair case and hide in the lockers quietly. After a series of whistling and mopping the floor the janitor finally leaves. They peek out of the lockers and there was no sight of the janitor, the coast was clear. They ran back up the 29 flights of stairs and they finally reach the top!
"FINALLY!" shouted Crabapple 
"Shhhh! Keep your voice down!" whispered Butterfingers 
"Okay, get the glue out now" whispered Fatso
"But I thought you had it?!" said Crabapple
"I gave it to Butterfingers!" said Fatso
They both turned to glare at Butterfingers.
"Oh no guys! I must have left it in the lockers on the first floor!" said Butterfingers in a sorry voice
"I'll go get it!" said Crabapple
"No I will, you're too fat." said Fatso
So Fatso was huffing and puffing all the way down and back up. His lungs were getting very heavy now and his chest was inflating and deflating dramatically. 
"Okay guys I'm here now!" said Fatso
"I'll have some!" said Crabapple
Fatso poured the glue evenly into three small bowls. Each of them took one and they pulled all of the desk chairs out including Mrs. Jewls and poured a good serving of glue onto each chair seat except for theirs. Once they were finished they tucked each chair in under the desks and left. 

The next day............................
All of the pupils sat down in their seats and a loud squishing noise was made.
"What was that?" asked Alison
"I dunno?" said Paul 
 All of the Erics grinned. When the recess bell rang Mrs. Jewls told everyone that they were dismissed and that they could all go to lunch now. But when everyone went to stand up..... they couldn't! They were STUCK!
"Well what are you waiting for?" asked Mrs. Jewls
"We can't get up!" cried Rondi
"Help us!" cried Dana
But when Mrs. Jewls went to stand up, SHE couldn't either!
"Oh no!" said Mrs. Jewls
"I can't get up either!" cried Mrs Jewls
"But we can!" shouted all three Erics together.
All three Erics stood up and walked to the front of the class.
"No more Fatso!" shouted Eric Bacon
"No more Crabapples!" shouted Eric Ovens
"No more Butterfingers!" shouted Eric Fry
" Now, good luck trying to stand up!" shouted all Erics together as the disappeared for recess.
                                        The End


the three Erics (REVENGE)

                   The three Erics (REVENGE)

Eric Fry, Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens these people are bullied so much everyone called them names for example, Eric Fry is Butterfingers, Eric Bacon is Fatso and Eris Ovens is Crabapple. I have NO idea how these names occurred but anyway lets get to the story...

Well everything was going to change. It was a rainy day and the three Erics decided to lock everyone out, but when they locked them out they locked them out of the very enormous school and plummeted down 30 storeys because for some reason a big hole appeared from Deedee jumping 10 stairs at a time. So you know they were gone yay the Erics were free!

But what they didn't know was that Louis the yard teacher was still alive and he saw what happened so he decided to walk up the 30 storeys to find the three Erics. Eventually he found them and got really angry, but since it's a sideways school in 5 minutes they would of forgotten what happened so they FORGOT-wow.

After everyone got out of hospital they wanted revenge. But as you know this is a revenge story about the three Erics; Eric Fry, Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens, so I will maybe do another revenge story about the other kids in Mrs Jewls class....
The End
by Hanah

Revenge of the Three Erics!


This is a story about three students all named Eric.
Eric Fry, Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens.
Eric Bacon is a kind skinny boy but because his name is Eric, everybody thinks he is fat and mean so his nickname is Fatso.
Eric Fry is very athletic with lots of muscle which makes him look fat. 

One day, Eric Fry was playing cricket when he accidentally dropped a ball so of course everyone calls him Butterfingers.
Eric Ovens is the nicest student in Mrs Jewls class but his name is Eric so everyone thinks he is mean so his nickname is Crabapple.

The three Eric's were sick of being called names and teased so the next day......
Dameon's nickname was meaneon.
Deedee's nickname was Weedy.
Bebe's nickname was seedy and Allison's nickname was Miss Wonderland (from Alice in wonderland).
But when the next day rolled around, every human in Wayside School had a nickname except the three Eric's (who were finally being called by their names).
Next week, Mrs Museum Exhibition (Mrs Jewls) was so mad at the three Eric's, in one go she wrote, ticked and circled the three Erics name so that day, the three Eric's went home with Mr Odd (Todd) on the Kindergarten bus.

By Harry

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Erics revenge by Mischa

      THE ERICS REVENGE                            

  It was a cold day and the Erics thought they must get revenge on everyone in room 30 because every one was calling them names. 
First they put a bucket filled of sticky slime on the top of the door. So when the students opened the door slime will fall all over them. 
Then they put ants in all the students desks. They put Sammy [the rat] on Mrs Jewls desk. The bell rang all the students and Mrs Jewls came in to the classroom.The bucket of slime fell on everyone, all the students and Mrs Jewls were completely covered. Mrs Jewls said to wash off.... everyone came back and cleaned up but the Erics didn't clean up. 
Mrs Jewls sat down at her desk and screamed "aaaaaa" 
"Whats wrong Mrs Jewls?" said Bebe 
"There's a rat on my desk!" said Mrs Jewls 
"Maybe its Sammy?" said Dameon 
"Or maybe it's Sammys mum!" said Todd 
"No no no" said Mrs Jewls "its just a dead rat. Kathy come and put it in the bin" said Mrs Jewls "But I hate rats!" said Kathy
"I don't care" said Mrs Jewls "just put the dumb rat in the bin"
"Fine" said Kathy "but don't expect me to pick up a dead rat again"
"You can have a tootsie roll after" said Mrs Jewls
"I hate tootsie roll's" said Kathy.
"Kathy put the dead rat in the bin and sit down". Mrs Jewls asked the children to take out their writing books all of the ants started to crawl out of the children's desks the ants started to crawl all over the children "aaaaaaaaaa" all the children screamed. 
Eric Fatso laughed. 
Finally the Erics got their revenge                                                     by Mischa 



 In Miss Jewls class the three Erics were about to take revenge on people or the school Eric Fry was playing a game. He said "hey you this spot over here is great''
'' Ummmmm ok butterfingers'' said Alison
 ''Get on with it butterfingers '' said Louis.                                                                                               ''Ok ok chill'' said Eric Fry.                                                                                                            
  Eric threw it over Alisons head. '' Maybe I'm not butterfingers'' said Eric Fry.                
''Butter head is Alison and Eric umm...''said Louis.                                      
 Eric said ''Awesome thrower''                                                                                                
Then Eric threw a paintball at Alisons head Eric laughed ''revenge''.
Back in class Eric Ovens told Miss Jewls that Alison got hit in the face by a paint ball Miss Jewls said ''How nice Eric Ovens''.
''Now everyone say to Eric Ovens the nicest kid ever '' said Miss Jewls.
'' Maybe '' said Alison.
''No way'' said Todd.
''Now and forever'' said Miss Jewls.
At lunch Alisons ball went through the blind and almost went in the bin, then Eric Bacon slid through the blind and got it he said ''mine now nuthead''.
''Please'' said Alison.
''But no more Fatso''said Eric Bacon.
that was the Erics REVENGE


Floor 19 by Emma

Floor 19 by Emma
"Ooh a note thank-you person from floor 30 " said Miss Zarves in an excited voice
"Hmm Miss Jewls doesn't  want to have lunch" said Tom
"Ok Tom take this note to Miss Jewls" said Miss Zarves in a surprised voice.
"Ok" said Tom so he walked up the 30 flights of stairs. Then when he finally made it to the 30 story
he gave the note to Miss Jewls when he left everyone in there started partying because Miss Jewls thought Miss Zarves was annoying.  Then Tom went back to class he told Miss Zarves what had happened then Miss Zarves screamed angrily "MISS JEWLS I HATE WHAT SHE DID"
The end. Nah I'm kidding in the end Miss Jewls and Miss Zarves became friends again.
The next day Miss Jewls asked if Miss Zarves wanted to come to lunch and Miss Zarves said "yes" and that was the real end.

Wayside School by Ben Carr

Wayside School

By Ben Carr
Chapter 1000

Mrs Gorf walks in to the room ''AHHH a horrible class'' says Mrs Gorf.
Jay broke into tears ''Oh god not her again''
Mrs Gorf wiggles her left ear then her right ear, sticks out  her long snaky tongue.
''APPLE WITCH!!'' Mrs Gorf Shouts.
''Oh no Jay! What did you do to him?'' said Calvin with his orange, pink, yellow coloured afro hair. Jay flies through the roof on his broom stick.
''MWAHAHAHA!'' screeches Jay
''Ummmmmm What just happened?'' whispers the class.
''Okay class let's get back to work''  Mrs Gorf says calmy.
''Ummm quiet'' screamed Mrs Gorf . [by the way ummmmmm is the word of the day]

''Louis Louis Louis!''  screamed Mrs Gorf

Louis ''eh?''
Todd ''ummm Mrs mean Gorf I think he might be deaf?''
''Don't let me do it'' said Mrs Gorf 
''Do what'' said Todd
''She wiggled her left ear then her right, TREE!''
Suddenly Louis had disappeared and a tree was in his place!
'' Ummmm? Mrs Gorf there's a tree in the class'' scaredy cat said Bebe gun 
Todd bursts out laughing ''hahahahahaha''
''Shhhhhhhhhh'' said Mrs Gorf                                                                                                                Todd blew out in laughter ''hahahahahah there's a tree in the class!"
''TODD you're going home on the kindergarten bus no excuses!! 
Todd ''bye''

By Ben Carr



Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wayside school the revenge of the Eric's!

The revenge of the Eric's!

The three Eric's known as Eric Fatso, Eric Butterfingers and Eric Crab-apples they where tired of people calling them by their nicknames, they thought of a little payback, so they tied some string to all the chairs in the whole school and then Eric Butterfingers leaned back on his chair and all the chairs school dragged to one side of the building and the school tipped over.
Then the three Eric's bought 30 million bowling balls and one dispenser, they put the dispenser on the ground and activated it and 30 million bowling balls flew out to the 30th story while the class was on a field trip but when they came back the 30th story was...
After that the three Eric's poured oil on the stairs and anyone who walked/ran will slide down to the bottom.

by Jack

The Revenge of the Erics

The Revenge of the Erics

Once there were three Erics that were always bullied by others. One was called Eric Bacon another was called Eric Fry and the last one was called Eric Oven. 
One day Eric Fry missed a ball that was two km away from where he was so they started calling him Butterfingers. Eric Bacon was the skinniest boy in the class but because his brothers weren't they called him fatso. Eric Ovens was the nicest boy in the class but because he was an Eric they called him Crabapple. 
The three Erics were sick of it so they made a plan to get revenge.
The next day the Erics came to school early they ran to the toilets and opened up their bag and took out 600 jars of  hot tar. They opened up one jar and spread the tar on the seat of the toilet. They opened another and put that on the seat of the another toilet soon all of the toilets in the school had tar on them. 
Five days later one of the bullies sat on the toilet he screamed it was so hot and when he tried to get off the toilet just wobbled  and pulled him back. Soon all the bullies in the school were stuck
 and screaming for help! The three Erics said "we will let you out if you stop bulleying us" 
"Yes, yes" said the bullies "just let us out"
So the three Erics let them out and they never heard from them again.

by Xander 

My fist day at Wayside School  By  Hudson Haswell

"Hi i'm Hudson the new guy"said Hudson
"Hi Hudson i'm Todd" said Todd
"Hi Todd" said Hudson
"Hi i'm Beebee" said Beebee
"Hi Beebee" said Hudson
"So we are on the 9 floor out of 30 floor's" said Hudson 
"Yes" said Beebee
"Hi Hudson i'm Mrs Jewl's" said Mrs Jewl's
"Hi mrs Jewl's" said Hudson
"You are good you can go on the PS4 if you wont to"said mrs Jewl's
"ok Mrs Jewl's" said Hudson
2 Hour's later on PS4 playing Lego Star Wars
"Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! no! no! no! no! no! yes!BOOM!!!! yes ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ha ha ha" said Hudson on the PS4
"Nice Hudson" said the class and mrs Jewl's
"You can go home if you wont to Hudson" said mrs Jewl's
"ok Mrs Jewl's i'll go home " said Hudson
at Hudson's home
"NO!!!! I was robbed NO!!!!" said Hudson
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha we robbed Hudson yes" said the Robber's
"well at lest the robber's took the paper one's It's all safe yay" said Hudson
"NO!!!! that's paper NO!!!!" said the robber's
now at Hudson's home on Lego Star Wars
"Pow pow pow pow yes" said Hudson on the PS4.

Wayside school

The revenge of the Eric's   

It all starts in Eric Ovens garage.
"So whats the plan"said Eric Bacon
"We are going to draw on Jason's face while he sleeps" said Eric Ovens
"Yes tonight" 
"But first we wait until he falls asleep"
1 hour later.....
"I am still stuck" said Eric Ovens
"Eric Ovens was stuck in Jason's widow sill" 
"You're to fat let me go first" said Eric Bacon
"I have to go in I can't get out" said Eric with a non happy voice
"Fine carry on said Eric Bacon
as Eric Bacon, Eric Ovens and Eric Fry crawl across the floor Eric Fry let one loose. 
"Butterfingers" shouted Eric Bacon
"How could you call me that only Jason calls me Butterfingers" cried Eric Fry
"Can you guys just focus also I'm drawing on his face." Said Eric Ovens 
"NO I AM!." Yelled Eric Fry
Eric Fry let go of the marker pen the fat Eric Ovens went flying across the room all Jason and Eric Fry saw was a big pile of flab. The next day at school Jason was crying the three Eric's ask Jason whats wrong well last night when you  landed on my face that's why I have a black eye you imbecile but man you can fart I now dubbed your new name to be the fart man and the other Eric's shall be called the gas guys. Can you guess what happens next?-katie


Wayside School - Penelope

Wayside School

Penelope was walking through the forest. She had long blonde hair with eyes as blue as the ocean. Her mum called "PENELOPE", she called me because I had to go to my new School hopefully it's better then my last one.

I was walking to School I was wondering why did they call it Wayside School is it upside down? Is it facing the other way? or is it just a normal School? I'll wait till I get there.

When I got to School the school was nothing like I imagined. 
It was like 50 stories high and very thin. I opened the squeaky door, I felt something flash past me, it made me feel very uncomfortable. I saw the stairs,  I was on the 30th floor. Suddenly the lights flickered and turned on and I walked up all the stairs huffing and puffing I finally got up the thirty flights of stairs. Then my vision turned funny. I have a Teacher called Mrs Gorf she was very scary well that's what I heard. When people were late and talking in class she turned people into apples I didn't understand anything about the apple shenanagins. 
On Tuesday I was walking to school with my new friend Sharie she always went to sleep but today she feel into her pillow and didn't wake up until the last bell went.
Hopefully I don't get turned into a apple. 


The three Eric's revenge

Wayside School by Louis Sacher 
The three Eric's revenge by Carlos Campen.

The three Eric's had very unkind nice's names like Eric Fry - Butterfingers (athlete) Eric Bacon - Fatso (skinny) & Eric Ovens - mean Crabapple (nice) well what do you expect from a sideway School.
Well the three Eric's had enough of all the name calling. So one day one of the Eric's saw a new A380 double decker was taking off at wayside airport and the flight root is right over wayside school so when the new plane went over Eric Fry also known as Butterfingers open's the only window that you can see the new plane flying over head. "Here we go" said Eric Bacon even the teacher went over to see the plane as soon all of the class was over by the window including the teacher one of the kids shouted out "the new plane is coming over how' said Todd. 1 2 3 the three Eric's pushed the hole class out of the window along with Miss Jews down 29 story's and that is the end of that. By Carlos Campen. 


Laingholm Rocks

 Laingholm Rocks!
Go and check them out on their Facebook page


These are some photos of us makeing Laingholm rocks. so keep a look out for the rocks and post a photo of you and your rock or if you are lucky do it with multable rocks on the Laingholm rocks page. We have done the these rocks because when we went to the beach clean up we found Lainghlom rocks so we decided to make them, hope you find some.
Leigh Monaghan

The newest chapter of Wayside school Stewart


Stewart was not happy he had seen what Miss Jewls had for lunch.
Stewart was small and short and hid a lot. Miss Jewls didn't mind,
Stewart hid in his desk because he hated to see stew, not as in him, as in the meal. He somehow thought it was made of  his cousins,
(list of cousins Starwt, Steawan, Stewin, and Stew with an E).    

The next day Miss Jewls had stew again he hid in the gritty old bin, flakes of rust rubbing off like sand, He waited there the whole day having disgusting brown pencil shavings shattered over him. At playtime the janitor came to empty the bin, Stewart thought Miss Jewls was coming to eat him he rolled for his life, the more he rolled the closer he came to the stairs, not long after he was flying down the 30 flights of stairs, clunk clunk clunk skipping 10 at a time as soon he reached the bottom Louis opened the door to come in Stewart rolled out the open door and onto the road he stopped VROOM!!!  A speeding stinky cattle truck belching out black tar smoke, CRUNCH! 

The next day Stewart was at school, Stewart was indestructible.    -by Dan Percy   

The revege of the Erics

                              THE REVENGE OF THE ERICS

 It was Monday morning i woke up there was a gleaming light that must have been a sign that it would be a good day no never mind sun hurts blinding.
"Honey time to wake up"
I got out of bed put on my school top on i was about to walk out the door with my beg when i said 
"did i forget something"
"yes your pants"
"right i will put my new ones on"
when i went out and got to school Lesley yelled 
then i whispered to myself 
"don't lesson to them"
then Lesley bowed to me and every body i walk past bowed to me 
"how did you do that" said Eric Fry/Butterfingers 
"i just said to myself don't lesson to them"
"that is awesome no more name calling" said Eric Ovens/Crabapple "wait i did put on my new pants today maybe it is magic"
"i did buy it from a genie store lets go back and buy more"
"we will never be bulled again"
And the 3 Erics were never bulled again.

                                       The End

                                                                                   By Taiva Croft   

Wayside School-two dumb burglars by Eva Sharples.

Two dumb Burglars
This is a story about two dumb Burglars who can't read called Bob and Frank.                                                                                           "Bob,do you know where a bank is?" asked Frank.                     "Nope" replied Bob.                                                                             "Oh well" Frank muttered to himself.                                                 So they kept on walking until Bob saw a sign that said:Wayside School.                                         "Hey Frank,look over there it's a bank!"Bob shouted.                       "Bob how does that sign say the bank?"Frank asked.                         "There's an A in both the words"Bob said.                                         "Can you please show me?"Frank asked.                                           "Sure I will"Bob said.                                                                         So he got a piece of paper and wrote:Wayside School Bnak (Bank) and he showed Frank.So they walked into Wayside School.               "Hey Bob" Frank said look up there,I bet that is where all the rich people keep all their money and diamonds because it's the 30th story!"                                                                                                 "Lets go up there right now!" shouted Bob.                                       So they went up to the 30th story and that's the end of that!                                                                                                                           By Eva Sharples

Monday, April 10, 2017

Wayside - finally Miss Zarves's

Wayside School by Louis Sacher.

  A new chapter - Miss Zarves
by Carlos Campen
Miss Zarves she is a pointy fingered teacher identical to Miss Gorf but 10 times nicer & don't even get me started on the personality. All of the kids want to be in her class for 2 reasons 1 they don't have to climb 30 storeys & second of all she is the nicest teacher in the world. Miss Zarves is on the 19th floor so as you can see much closer then the 30th floor. The 19th floor didn't even exist until they decided to build the 19th floor. While Miss Zarves didn't even exist while that is another story to be told. Miss Zarves does not do Disipline, she does not send kids home early on the bus which has a + and a - ;Todd gets to see what they do after 12:00 but then he has to stay at School for longer.

At the end of each day every one gets a lolly not just one but a whole head full "wow I want to be in that class" I said to myself, why am I talking to myself? Aaaaaa my head is going crazy. Look my thingy mybob aaaaaaaa I am in room 19 in your face Todd and all of those kids in Miss Jewls class.


Wayside school, new chapter by Marshall

Wayside School by Louis Sacher 
New chapter by Marshall Jackson 
Bebe loved school, but some day's she did not like school. When she got to school she said "hay mum look I have my own class apartment'' shouted  Bebe excitingly
"oh yeah you do to" mum said sarcastically Bebe hoped out of the car she ran to the doors and opend them and ran to the stairs and she said "whers the elevator?" said Bebe annoyed. "oh well"said Bebe. she sprinted up the stairs and her legs were geting grinded of like someone sanded them of with sand paper. " Mumy  I need a bottle of milk " Bebe winged. some outher people looked at her like she was an idiot.  "I cant run any more " Bebe winged "your only at the 5th floor , and what class are you in? asked Joe " room 30" said Bebe. "Damb"said the outher people. " you got a long way to go "."I know "said Bebe in a sulky way . Bebe only walked up 3 floors every 5 minuets . By Marshall

Mrs Gorf

Wayside School
Mrs Gorf was the meanest teacher in Wayside School. She had short brown hair . She wears a raggy old dress she wears broken shoes with the heals torn off .

                                                 She's so weird!
As I was saying Mrs Gorf  has a few rules in her class
1. no talking
2. no buddies
3. no food or drinks
4. do not touch anyone
And if you don't follow these rules you're not allowed to go to playtime, you're not allowed to eat or drink for the rest of the day, you have to stay at school until 9.30 at night and worst of all she will stamp her feet and cross her eyes and swing her arms from side and turn you into a piece of broccoli.  Also once her class was just a pile of broccoli.
The End
By Mischa.

Bebe(also known as Bebe Gun).-Hanah

This is a story about Bebe, the girl who can draw 375 drawings in one day... Well with some help of Calvin the man (who can't really draw but still helps his friend Bebe) so anyway let's get to the story.

"Wow look at this funky stuff I could do with some art classes today"said Bebe.
"NO TALKING IN CLASS"shouted Mrs Jewls.
"Sorry funky lady I was just talking, is there something wrong with talking?"said Bebe.
"OH MY GOSH she talked back" whispered the class.

"GET OUT NOW" shouted Mrs Jewls.
"I don't get out I get in" said Bebe.
"OK you go home early" said Mrs Jewls.
"Good I'm sick of this school anyway"said Bebe.
"WA WA WELL then just stay at this school forever"said Mrs Jewls.
"No thanks teach, bye"said Bebe.


Friday, April 7, 2017

The Amazing Talking Parrot

Loch ness monster-Manny.

The loch ness monster is also called the nessie. The loch ness monster
1933 and also known to be a threat to people in loch ness.
It  is described as big, with a long neck and one or more humps producting from the water.The creature commonly appears in western media where it manifests in a variety of ways.

Maths Buddy

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Use your password and username 


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Wayside School

Wayside School

On my first day of school I was on the 30th story I thought "Urg are you joking"
I walked up the stairs and said "why don't they have elevators?"

Once I got up to my class I swung open the door and stared at my teacher. She was a tall dark haired woman. She had a VERY pointy nose. As soon as I walked in she turned a kid into a pumpkin! I went in slowly she looked at me sharply like a hawk then she said "hello are you Nellie?"
"Yes" I whispered 
She shouted "SPEAK UP CHILD"
"YES" I shouted back
"Sit down"
So I took a seat next to a girl called Parry, she was as frightened as a chipmunk looking into a hawks eye.

I asked her if she was alright she didn't speak next thing I knew she was a pumpkin. I run for the door and I got out but I turned around and Mrs Long Nose was looking at me. She nodded her head 3 times and wriggled her nose and I was a pumpkin but I hoped on her foot and she wriggled her nose and nodded her head and I was back to normal and she was fired.

                                                                       By Taiva                                 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Todd [rewriting of his first day]

It was Todd's first day at the new school. He was not happy about it. Well his brother, Odd, had his first year of school and by the end of the year he was an apple! [now at least he tasted quite good]
So Todd was walking down the halls when he came to Class 4. Then he hung up his bag and went into class. As he walked into class he noticed something, something strange, something old, something smelly.....Oh no it was Mr Move It. 
Mr Move It was Todd's neighbour.
Mr Move It told Todd he was relieving for Miss Jewls. But THAT was only the beginning!
When Mr Move It farted the stink flew onto the chalkboard and made a stain. It was a piece of FartArt. But when Mr Move It saw it he told Bebe Gunn to draw a maths symbol over the stain. "WHO SQUEEZED THAT FART OUT OF ME?" screamed Mr Move It with all of his voice. 

P.S everyone's name was put under the word DISCIPLINE 
Now it's the end...sort of.
If you have read this story and have any notifications to make then do a whopping great stink. 


The 16th story of Wayside School

Chapter 81181825    Miss Cheeseman

Miss Cheeeseman is a nice, loud teacher with hair down to her ears and a slightly small nose. She very rarely gets mad but when she does she wiggles her nose and vibrates her eyebrows and turns someone into CHEESE. Miss Cheeseman's classroom is on the 16th story. 
One rainy day, Carlos was talking in class so Miss Cheeseman wiggled her nose, vibrated her eyebrows and turned Carlos into a big lump of smelly blue cheese. After School that day, Miss Cheeseman was so sick of the cheeses stench so she threw it out the window. 
The next day, Deacon was bragging to Katie about how much work he had done so Miss Cheeseman wiggled her nose, vibrated her eyebrows and turned Deacon into a small lump of cheese. Maddyson (who sits near Deacon) picked up Deacon (or should I say Briecon) and plopped him into her mouth!
"YUM" said Maddyson "BRIE".

By Harry