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Monday, February 27, 2017


I took Mojo home last weekend some of the highlights of his travels were, dressing up as a pirate and thankfully he didn't mind having a fake sword, he tried on some  cool moth sunglasses, and had been kidnapped by my little sister several times before the weekend was over, he hadn't found anyone to play with on Saturday so I made him a dog fur teddy to have fun with. 


This is Eeny at the tennis court playing tennis.
it was very easy to win all I had to do was knock him over.

Eeny likes going hunting for my chicken in the garden.

Eeny likes having a snooze by my Cat. [even though it looks like he is about to eat him]

''making a rubber band gun is fun''

Eeny & Tay

Friday, February 24, 2017

Water Balloon shooting!!!

Last Tuesday room 16 & 18 did something very exciting which involved launching water balloons 10 feet into the air. It was so fun we launched at least 4 water balloons each we did it for at least for hour & half. We had to record how far we launched the balloons with a trundle wheel. which is a wheel that has a handle  on it and it measures in meters. It is so much you should give it a go. My group is : Marshall, Deacon, Ben, Monty, & me.
By Carlotta


Last Tuesday our senior classes room 16 &18 did something AWESOME!!! We were launching water balloons. We had so much fun my team that I did the sling shooting was Carlos, Ben, Deacon, Monty lots of people tried hard to launch as far as they could but 4 people got 54.8 meters and that was our team. I was stoked that we got that far some people tried so hard but they could never beat it. Marshall 

The water bomb challenge!


On Tuesday the 20 of February 2017 an awesome day came to Laingholm school. It was a very fun day, I especially liked the sling shot. We put the water balloons in the sling shot and we watched them explode when they hit the ground. Also it got really funny when a group accidentally sling shot Mrs  Hart on her foot. Mrs Hart also brought down a thing that showed if it did a meter so she made us do math with it which I think was pretty cool. My group was really fun to be in the people in my group were named Mischa, June, Katie,Nikita.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Maori Contemporary Dance for Waitangi Day

Some amazing teachers came to teach us some contemporary dance - Thanks Jazz and Gaby

Check out our dances .... story coming soon









There are THREE more that are slightly longer on our YouTube channel [too big for blogger]

Check them out here: