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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Todd [rewriting of his first day]

It was Todd's first day at the new school. He was not happy about it. Well his brother, Odd, had his first year of school and by the end of the year he was an apple! [now at least he tasted quite good]
So Todd was walking down the halls when he came to Class 4. Then he hung up his bag and went into class. As he walked into class he noticed something, something strange, something old, something smelly.....Oh no it was Mr Move It. 
Mr Move It was Todd's neighbour.
Mr Move It told Todd he was relieving for Miss Jewls. But THAT was only the beginning!
When Mr Move It farted the stink flew onto the chalkboard and made a stain. It was a piece of FartArt. But when Mr Move It saw it he told Bebe Gunn to draw a maths symbol over the stain. "WHO SQUEEZED THAT FART OUT OF ME?" screamed Mr Move It with all of his voice. 

P.S everyone's name was put under the word DISCIPLINE 
Now it's the end...sort of.
If you have read this story and have any notifications to make then do a whopping great stink. 


The 16th story of Wayside School

Chapter 81181825    Miss Cheeseman

Miss Cheeeseman is a nice, loud teacher with hair down to her ears and a slightly small nose. She very rarely gets mad but when she does she wiggles her nose and vibrates her eyebrows and turns someone into CHEESE. Miss Cheeseman's classroom is on the 16th story. 
One rainy day, Carlos was talking in class so Miss Cheeseman wiggled her nose, vibrated her eyebrows and turned Carlos into a big lump of smelly blue cheese. After School that day, Miss Cheeseman was so sick of the cheeses stench so she threw it out the window. 
The next day, Deacon was bragging to Katie about how much work he had done so Miss Cheeseman wiggled her nose, vibrated her eyebrows and turned Deacon into a small lump of cheese. Maddyson (who sits near Deacon) picked up Deacon (or should I say Briecon) and plopped him into her mouth!
"YUM" said Maddyson "BRIE".

By Harry 

Leigh [the new Wayside student]

Chapter 1: Leigh

Leigh has brown hair and brown eyes. Her full name is Leigh Monagahan. She is very sporty. Her favourite sport is cricket. She plays it every chance she gets.
You won't believe what her teacher does, she makes people into cheese. Do you want to know why? Because her name is Miss Cheeseman. Do you know how she turns people into cheese?  She flaps her arms and wiggles her nose and then you turn into cheese! She turns you into cheese because she loves it in her cereal, and lunch and dinner!
So back to Leigh.
Her best friends are Charleigh, Pepe and Hanah, they talk a lot! When I mean they talk a lot - I mean they TALK A LOT! 
So one day Carlos and Ben were fighting in class and Miss Cheeseman was on her computer. She heard them and so she flapped her arms and wiggled her nose and Carlos and Ben turned into cheese! They ended up sitting on her desk for the whole day. 
Then Charleigh, Pepe and Hanah were talking [a lot] so Miss Cheeseman flapped  her arms and wiggled her nose and turned them all into cheese! They were sitting on the table next to cheese Carlos and cheese Ben.
So that's a little chapter all about Leigh. 


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Census 2017

Click on the link and login with the code from your teacher


Krypton Factor

As soon as we got there we had to go through all the games. We ate and then got to the games. The first game we did was Jigsaw, so what you had to do was get all the pieces to the other side then I had to go out and sort the puzzle, that was hard. Next we went to feed the worm were there was a pipe that you had to put a ball in the pipe and lift it up and walk with it to the end you  had to get the ball to the end of the pipe then go again.

After that we had a small break I found my mum reading her new shinny book she gave me my lunch and my ice cold drink, that was nice. Next we went to the obstetrical course - that was the best part of my day! After that we had a really cool basketball game so what you do is theirs two people holding a stick on ether sides then a basketball hoop in the middle then theirs a circle of people trying to get the ball in that's super hard after that we had another lunch break i had a cupcake Paula called it a volcano.

Soon after that we went to the cheese game were you have to through a ball through the holes next we went to a pole game were your team had to hold a pole up and shot a ball through bridges then we did a carpet game there was this squared shape of carpet with poles at the sides and ends and a hole in the middle were you had to get a ball through the hole that looked hard then we then we had a break.

My day was so awesome but then we had to do a pop quiz we slowly walked to it but surprisingly the pop quiz was not that hard, it was very simple. Then straight to the box game were you had to stand on box's and get them all to the other side then make a sirten shape that was ok I was existed for this one you had to make a tower we did pretty good. After that we had are last game that was shop sticks you had to use ginormous sticks and get a ball to the other side with the shop sticks once we finished that we were done the inter krypton factor. We had to go to prize giving we won the inter krypton factor, I was so existed Mr Cox said I could take it home, I was so happy I couldn't wait to show my brother and sister.

                                                                        by Taiva 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Auckland champs!

It was a Friday night and my nerves were up I was getting ready for the 15 hundred meters which is three times around an Athletics track. I was competing in the Auckland champs which is a three day event and is the best people in Auckland and the upper North Island. We lined up at the start "BANG" the gun went we all rushed off into lane one came time to the finish I sprinted to line and I came 5! Well that was day one of the Auckland champs. Day two Saturday I had to wake up at 6 am in the morning to get to shot pot which started at 8:30 so I did wait for 20 mins came back to the stand and sat down for 5 hours until my 4 hundred meters we had to do it in heats of 8. I came first out of my heat and made it into the final and I came 5th in that too. Day three 8 hundred meters it was Sunday and the 8 hundred meters I past 1 person that the end came 3rd and got a medal.    


The Interviews of the amazing Tree Octopus

                                                       The north-west tree octopus

My mum (Jackie) and my sister (Cassie) did a interview on The north-west tree octopus.They both believed that the tree octopus is real. The Pacific Northwest tree octopus is a fictional creature created by Lyle Zapato in 1998. Since then, it has become famous and is used by teachers to educate children about fact checking and Internet literacy.

always check more sources on the internet don't always believe what you see.


year 6

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Name Plate making

On Thursday the 2nd of March the whole of rm 16 had Mr D for the day. So Mr D decided to do a fun little project with the class. The thing that we did was name plating. So first what we did was we placed the pebbles on the ground and made them look like our names. Then we got a perfect peace of wood for our name and placed it on the wood. Then we just glued them on and made little stands for them-


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