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Monday, April 10, 2017

Bebe(also known as Bebe Gun).-Hanah

This is a story about Bebe, the girl who can draw 375 drawings in one day... Well with some help of Calvin the man (who can't really draw but still helps his friend Bebe) so anyway let's get to the story.

"Wow look at this funky stuff I could do with some art classes today"said Bebe.
"NO TALKING IN CLASS"shouted Mrs Jewls.
"Sorry funky lady I was just talking, is there something wrong with talking?"said Bebe.
"OH MY GOSH she talked back" whispered the class.

"GET OUT NOW" shouted Mrs Jewls.
"I don't get out I get in" said Bebe.
"OK you go home early" said Mrs Jewls.
"Good I'm sick of this school anyway"said Bebe.
"WA WA WELL then just stay at this school forever"said Mrs Jewls.
"No thanks teach, bye"said Bebe.


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