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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Erics revenge by Mischa

      THE ERICS REVENGE                            

  It was a cold day and the Erics thought they must get revenge on everyone in room 30 because every one was calling them names. 
First they put a bucket filled of sticky slime on the top of the door. So when the students opened the door slime will fall all over them. 
Then they put ants in all the students desks. They put Sammy [the rat] on Mrs Jewls desk. The bell rang all the students and Mrs Jewls came in to the classroom.The bucket of slime fell on everyone, all the students and Mrs Jewls were completely covered. Mrs Jewls said to wash off.... everyone came back and cleaned up but the Erics didn't clean up. 
Mrs Jewls sat down at her desk and screamed "aaaaaa" 
"Whats wrong Mrs Jewls?" said Bebe 
"There's a rat on my desk!" said Mrs Jewls 
"Maybe its Sammy?" said Dameon 
"Or maybe it's Sammys mum!" said Todd 
"No no no" said Mrs Jewls "its just a dead rat. Kathy come and put it in the bin" said Mrs Jewls "But I hate rats!" said Kathy
"I don't care" said Mrs Jewls "just put the dumb rat in the bin"
"Fine" said Kathy "but don't expect me to pick up a dead rat again"
"You can have a tootsie roll after" said Mrs Jewls
"I hate tootsie roll's" said Kathy.
"Kathy put the dead rat in the bin and sit down". Mrs Jewls asked the children to take out their writing books all of the ants started to crawl out of the children's desks the ants started to crawl all over the children "aaaaaaaaaa" all the children screamed. 
Eric Fatso laughed. 
Finally the Erics got their revenge                                                     by Mischa 

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