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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The three Eric's revenge

Wayside School by Louis Sacher 
The three Eric's revenge by Carlos Campen.

The three Eric's had very unkind nice's names like Eric Fry - Butterfingers (athlete) Eric Bacon - Fatso (skinny) & Eric Ovens - mean Crabapple (nice) well what do you expect from a sideway School.
Well the three Eric's had enough of all the name calling. So one day one of the Eric's saw a new A380 double decker was taking off at wayside airport and the flight root is right over wayside school so when the new plane went over Eric Fry also known as Butterfingers open's the only window that you can see the new plane flying over head. "Here we go" said Eric Bacon even the teacher went over to see the plane as soon all of the class was over by the window including the teacher one of the kids shouted out "the new plane is coming over how' said Todd. 1 2 3 the three Eric's pushed the hole class out of the window along with Miss Jews down 29 story's and that is the end of that. By Carlos Campen. 


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