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Monday, April 10, 2017

Wayside - finally Miss Zarves's

Wayside School by Louis Sacher.

  A new chapter - Miss Zarves
by Carlos Campen
Miss Zarves she is a pointy fingered teacher identical to Miss Gorf but 10 times nicer & don't even get me started on the personality. All of the kids want to be in her class for 2 reasons 1 they don't have to climb 30 storeys & second of all she is the nicest teacher in the world. Miss Zarves is on the 19th floor so as you can see much closer then the 30th floor. The 19th floor didn't even exist until they decided to build the 19th floor. While Miss Zarves didn't even exist while that is another story to be told. Miss Zarves does not do Disipline, she does not send kids home early on the bus which has a + and a - ;Todd gets to see what they do after 12:00 but then he has to stay at School for longer.

At the end of each day every one gets a lolly not just one but a whole head full "wow I want to be in that class" I said to myself, why am I talking to myself? Aaaaaa my head is going crazy. Look my thingy mybob aaaaaaaa I am in room 19 in your face Todd and all of those kids in Miss Jewls class.


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