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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wayside School by Ben Carr

Wayside School

By Ben Carr
Chapter 1000

Mrs Gorf walks in to the room ''AHHH a horrible class'' says Mrs Gorf.
Jay broke into tears ''Oh god not her again''
Mrs Gorf wiggles her left ear then her right ear, sticks out  her long snaky tongue.
''APPLE WITCH!!'' Mrs Gorf Shouts.
''Oh no Jay! What did you do to him?'' said Calvin with his orange, pink, yellow coloured afro hair. Jay flies through the roof on his broom stick.
''MWAHAHAHA!'' screeches Jay
''Ummmmmm What just happened?'' whispers the class.
''Okay class let's get back to work''  Mrs Gorf says calmy.
''Ummm quiet'' screamed Mrs Gorf . [by the way ummmmmm is the word of the day]

''Louis Louis Louis!''  screamed Mrs Gorf

Louis ''eh?''
Todd ''ummm Mrs mean Gorf I think he might be deaf?''
''Don't let me do it'' said Mrs Gorf 
''Do what'' said Todd
''She wiggled her left ear then her right, TREE!''
Suddenly Louis had disappeared and a tree was in his place!
'' Ummmm? Mrs Gorf there's a tree in the class'' scaredy cat said Bebe gun 
Todd bursts out laughing ''hahahahahaha''
''Shhhhhhhhhh'' said Mrs Gorf                                                                                                                Todd blew out in laughter ''hahahahahah there's a tree in the class!"
''TODD you're going home on the kindergarten bus no excuses!! 
Todd ''bye''

By Ben Carr



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