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Monday, April 10, 2017

Wayside school, new chapter by Marshall

Wayside School by Louis Sacher 
New chapter by Marshall Jackson 
Bebe loved school, but some day's she did not like school. When she got to school she said "hay mum look I have my own class apartment'' shouted  Bebe excitingly
"oh yeah you do to" mum said sarcastically Bebe hoped out of the car she ran to the doors and opend them and ran to the stairs and she said "whers the elevator?" said Bebe annoyed. "oh well"said Bebe. she sprinted up the stairs and her legs were geting grinded of like someone sanded them of with sand paper. " Mumy  I need a bottle of milk " Bebe winged. some outher people looked at her like she was an idiot.  "I cant run any more " Bebe winged "your only at the 5th floor , and what class are you in? asked Joe " room 30" said Bebe. "Damb"said the outher people. " you got a long way to go "."I know "said Bebe in a sulky way . Bebe only walked up 3 floors every 5 minuets . By Marshall

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