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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wayside school

The revenge of the Eric's   

It all starts in Eric Ovens garage.
"So whats the plan"said Eric Bacon
"We are going to draw on Jason's face while he sleeps" said Eric Ovens
"Yes tonight" 
"But first we wait until he falls asleep"
1 hour later.....
"I am still stuck" said Eric Ovens
"Eric Ovens was stuck in Jason's widow sill" 
"You're to fat let me go first" said Eric Bacon
"I have to go in I can't get out" said Eric with a non happy voice
"Fine carry on said Eric Bacon
as Eric Bacon, Eric Ovens and Eric Fry crawl across the floor Eric Fry let one loose. 
"Butterfingers" shouted Eric Bacon
"How could you call me that only Jason calls me Butterfingers" cried Eric Fry
"Can you guys just focus also I'm drawing on his face." Said Eric Ovens 
"NO I AM!." Yelled Eric Fry
Eric Fry let go of the marker pen the fat Eric Ovens went flying across the room all Jason and Eric Fry saw was a big pile of flab. The next day at school Jason was crying the three Eric's ask Jason whats wrong well last night when you  landed on my face that's why I have a black eye you imbecile but man you can fart I now dubbed your new name to be the fart man and the other Eric's shall be called the gas guys. Can you guess what happens next?-katie


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