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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wayside school the revenge of the Eric's!

The revenge of the Eric's!

The three Eric's known as Eric Fatso, Eric Butterfingers and Eric Crab-apples they where tired of people calling them by their nicknames, they thought of a little payback, so they tied some string to all the chairs in the whole school and then Eric Butterfingers leaned back on his chair and all the chairs school dragged to one side of the building and the school tipped over.
Then the three Eric's bought 30 million bowling balls and one dispenser, they put the dispenser on the ground and activated it and 30 million bowling balls flew out to the 30th story while the class was on a field trip but when they came back the 30th story was...
After that the three Eric's poured oil on the stairs and anyone who walked/ran will slide down to the bottom.

by Jack

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