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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wayside School

Wayside School

On my first day of school I was on the 30th story I thought "Urg are you joking"
I walked up the stairs and said "why don't they have elevators?"

Once I got up to my class I swung open the door and stared at my teacher. She was a tall dark haired woman. She had a VERY pointy nose. As soon as I walked in she turned a kid into a pumpkin! I went in slowly she looked at me sharply like a hawk then she said "hello are you Nellie?"
"Yes" I whispered 
She shouted "SPEAK UP CHILD"
"YES" I shouted back
"Sit down"
So I took a seat next to a girl called Parry, she was as frightened as a chipmunk looking into a hawks eye.

I asked her if she was alright she didn't speak next thing I knew she was a pumpkin. I run for the door and I got out but I turned around and Mrs Long Nose was looking at me. She nodded her head 3 times and wriggled her nose and I was a pumpkin but I hoped on her foot and she wriggled her nose and nodded her head and I was back to normal and she was fired.

                                                                       By Taiva                                 

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